To put it simply, Top Ten Percent is a buyer’s cooperative that’s gone digital! Our members nominate their favorite businesses in over 300 categories. Top Ten Percent evaluates those businesses and those that pass our criteria are endorsed as being in the top 10% of their respective field.  Then we negotiate an Exclusive Member Price for that businesses products or services giving you the ability to buy from the best for less. We’re the world's first Exclusive Member Discount service... meaning you can instantly bring up hundreds of TTP Businesses Exclusive Offers on your smart phone to redeem savings from the top local businesses.

Unlike other online saving sites, with Top Ten Percent you never have pay for the product or service in advance, so you never risk losing your money.  How often do we prepurchase something from one of those daily deal sites and then forget to redeem it?   With Top Ten Percent, if you're going out to eat, just pull out your smartphone, search the "restaurant" category and pick the best deal from our website or mobile app. You’ll also be able to identify Top Ten Percent Businesses by the Award Winner Seal displayed near their entrance. Then enjoy your meal and when you’re ready for the check simply present your Exclusive Member Offer to your waiter or waitress and you’ve saved money. It’s that simple!

Top Ten Percent has taken the guesswork out of who to do business with. Every business was first nominated by a consumer, then they go through a rigorous review process. You can have confidence that you’re buying from the best! That’s why our name is the Top Ten Percent. Our business members have been ranked as being in the top ten percent of their respective field. So, for example, if there are 50 plumbers in the area, only the top five of those 50 are included.

There are hundreds of categories to choose from, everything from to restaurants to attorneys, nail salons to mechanics! Since the Top Ten Percent is also a franchise we will be coast to coast in the very near future. That means instant savings will be at your fingertips EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

That’s another exciting part of using Top Ten Percent, consumer reviews. If, for any reason, our consumer member’s experience isn’t positive, the business has 14 days to attempt to resolve it. If it’s not resolved, the review posts as a negative rating. If at any time their rating falls below our required standards, the business is eliminated from the Top Ten Percent. Credible businesses appreciate this process, because they don't want unhappy customers and this gives them the opportunity to attempt to resolve a problem they may not have known about.

Nothing, it's 100% free! There are two ways to become a TTP Consumer Member. New TTP franchised locations offer a Free Lifetime Charter Membership during their pre-launch phase and they will provide you with a Promo Code. For franchised locations that are post launch, you only have to nominate two businesses that you feel deserve to be included in to Top Ten Percent and you will receive a FREE membership.

Why settle for just one deal a day when you can have hundreds to select from? You’ll never be required to make the purchase in advance and you’ll never need to print a voucher that you have to remember to bring with you. If you have your cell phone, you’ll have easy access to hundreds of discounts and Exclusive Member Offers everywhere you go.

Why pay a membership fee just to see a “list” of the best businesses? With Top Ten Percent, not only do we give you free access to the top-rated businesses, you are also given VIP pricing on their products and services

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